Dynamq to headline South Sudan peace concert

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US-based South Sudanese reggae-dancehall artist Dynamq is set to perform at a peace concert at the Basketball Stadium in Juba on 30 September.

The singer is slated to perform at the concert, titled Jere Jere (To Run), along fellow artists Silver X, WJ, Tutu Baib, Kawaja RevolutionStar Eagles, Nesty Beib, MC Lomeux, Rocky J, Mary More and DJ Cent.

Concert organiser and promoter Sam Bosco told Music In Africa that Dynamq was the best musician to perform at the concert because he had been vocal about the conflict in South Sudan through his music and vigorous social media campaigns. “Our people need to stop running because of war,” Bosco said. “If there is peace then we will all stay and build our country”.

According to Human Rights Watch World Report 2017, South Sudan’s refugee crisis is worsening with more people fleeing conflict. The report said some 2.4 million people had been displaced since December 2013 when the South Sudanese civil war began, adding that civilians in the country have suffered serious abuses “by both government forces and opposition fighters despite a peace agreement signed in 2015”.

Bosco said: “Another thing that motivated us to organise this concert was the fact that the last peace concert that took place in June this year had a huge turnout. That fact alone motivated us to push for this idea.”

The concert, which will be held during the day due to security concerns, is expected to bring together young adults, children and their parents as well as politicians.

“We opted to have the show during the day because most people do not like being outside at night. We have compromised a lot to ensure that this concert takes place. There will be an evening rave for those who would like to attend,” Bosco said.

Asked about how the music industry in South Sudan is faring, Bosco said: “It is no secret that our economy is doing very badly. However, I can confidently say that our music in 2017 is better than the music which was produced 10 years ago. As a music promoter, I do not rely solely on music as my source of income. For that reason I am willing to do this concert not for the sake of money but for the sake of peace.”


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