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    Alier John Mabil Kur simply known as Alijoma Mabil is a young South Sudanese artist doing Afro beats, reggae, and Dancehall genres.
    Alijoma was born in Nyaang Pathuyith on 28th, August 1991 and raised in Bor Town.

    Alijoma got his musical inspiration from Congolese artists such as Awilo Longomba, Koffi Olumide and more, Alijoma used to listen to their songs on his mother’s radio in the early 2000’s,
    More inspiration came from the South Sudanese legends including Panchol Deng Ajang, John Kudusay, Bol Panan just to mention but a few, Alijoma Mabil has touched the hearts, minds and souls of many people all over the world through his entertaining, educating and inspiring multi genre music. He has also accumulated thousands of views on YouTube and Facebook.

    With the great passion he had for music, Alijoma went ahead to release his first song in 2010 “Let’s go to school” under the stage names “Nicky Jay” which garnered local recognition for the singer but never met the expected success by the singer, this proved to Alijoma that music needed hard work and constant practice.
    In 2011 Alijoma resorted to freestyle and live performances to improve his vocals, lyrics and most importantly confidence, he did this alongside other Bor Town up-and-coming artists like YD, Money Maniac, the list is endless…Alijoma interacted and shared ideas with several other singers in Bor Town.

    The hard work paid when Alijoma released his second song, “we need freedom” which garnered further recognition in Eastern Equatorial and this gave the young singer hope to do music with more determination despite the difficulties singers faced then.

    In 2013, Alijoma released three songs “En la khör wëu (Gold Digger)”, “Louis Labong”, and “Atehwut” under the stage names “Chrizz Nickey” which became great hits of 2013 to 2014 and earned Alijoma respect from fellow artists and support from the fans. In the same year Alijoma temporarily signed to Grand Tune Entertainment and went ahead to pursue a solo career in 2014.

    In 2014, Alijoma was now a good-to-go singer, his 2013 hits had received positive reviews from critics. He got inspired to work on a full studio album. Having successfully completed a 18 song album entitled “PINYNOM” the same year, Alijoma appeared on Elizabeth Akuol Abijok’s graduation ceremony at Executive Gardens in Kampala as a guest artist alongside other successful artists including “Daniel Dinganyai and Garang Ateny”
    Alijoma performed the album’s lead single “Yin ca leech mama” which was welcomed by everybody cementing Alijoma’s top position in South Sudan music, the “Yin ca leech mama” live performance video accumulated thousands of views on YouTube and Facebook.
    In late 2014 Alijoma released his first studio album “PINYNOM” under his current stage name Alijoma Mabil for purposes of originality, Alijoma is an acronym for Alier John Mabil, to critical success all over the world and amassed a large internet following, the album features guest appearances from AMAC DON, NAVY BOY, RABBY KIZZY…
    due to its critical success, Alijoma went ahead to sell his CDs in 2015 and he was able to sell thousands of copies to commercial success. PINYNOM ALBUM earned the singer enormous fame worldwide making him one of the best south Sudanese artists and the best selling artist in 2015, fortunately, Alijoma won the most promising Afro beats artist of the year at the STA AWARDS.